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Laos Infosite
From the Laos Infosite, this page contains current news.
Bangkok Post
An excellent, online version of this newspaper. The Bangkok Post provides all kinds of news from Thailand.
General News
Vientiane Times
Vientian Time is a biweekly English newspaper.
General News
KPL Lao News Agency
KPL is a national news agency of Laos. It provides weekly news from and about the country.
KPL Homepage
Vientiane Times
Vientiane Times, the first English newspaper in the Lao PDR, was officially launched as a weekly tabloid in April 1994. By 1996 it came out twice weekly Tuesdays and Fridays and from 2004 the paper publishes daily Mondays to Fridays.The newspaper covers a wide range of news stories and provides information reflecting on government policies and socio-economic development in the Lao People's Democratic Republic.
Asiaweek Online
Asiaweek Online is produced weekly by Asiaweek magazine and was developed by Time Inc. Asia .
Asiaweek Online
Yahoo News
The well-known search engine, Yahoo!, provides a country-specific database of Reuters news articles.
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