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Pakistan Broadcasting Coporation
The Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation stives to provide broadcasting services in the fields of information, education and entertainment through programmes which maintain a proper balance in their subject matter and a high general standard of quality and morality.
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Pakistan Television Corp. Ltd.
Pakistan Television Corporation Ltd. (PTV) is a public limited company. All its shares are held by Government of Pakistan. The decision to establish a general purpose television service with the participation of private capital and under the general supervision of the Government of Pakistan (GOP) was taken in October 1963.
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Pak Tribune
PakTribune is the first and the only dotcom in Pakistan for free, complete, and unbiased news - an online news service with a dedicated team of over 300 reporters, photographers, editors and IT managers.
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Asiaweek Online
Asiaweek Online is produced weekly by Asiaweek magazine and was developed by Time Inc. Asia .
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Pakistan Facts
Pakistan Facts is run by a diverse group of individuals from across the world, sharing common concerns regarding Pakistan's continued support for terrorism and nuclear proliferation.
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