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Government of Canada
Government of Canada Primary Internet Site is the electronic access point through which Internet users around the world can obtain information about Canada, its government and its services. Direct links are also provided from this site to government departments and agencies that have Internet facilities.
Parliament of Canada
The official website of the Parliament of Canada provides detailed information about Chamber business, Committee business, Bills, Parliament, Senators and Members and Interparliamentary Affairs.
Information on the Parliament
Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations
In 1945 Canada was among the countries that gathered in San Francisco to create a new organization committed to promoting peace and security and to fostering international cooperation in solving economic, social and humanitarian problems and in promoting culture and respect for human rights. Canada has been an active member of the UN ever since and remains committed to the ideals that animated the San Francisco Conference. The United Nations remains central to Canadian foreign policy, an invaluable forum through which we and others can resolve differences and implement shared objectives, whether with regard to environmental protection, the promotion of peace and security, or any of hundreds of other issues.
Canada and the United Nations