Intercultural Effectiveness in Fragile States - Afghanistan


In support of the Government of Canada's (GoC) Whole-of-government approach, The Centre for Intercultural Learning has developed the Intercultural Effectiveness course – Afghanistan.

The course focuses on working effectively within the cultural context of Afghanistan, examines the realities of adapting to its environment and analyses the overall cultural characteristics of its society. Topics include: tribal structures, the Jirga system, Pushtunwali, gender issues, the realities of day-to-day life, current trends and priorities for rebuilding as perceived and defined by Afghans. Practical and skill-building features of these courses include effective communication with the Afghan population and local media.

The outcomes for this course include knowledge development of Afghan culture as well as enhanced learning related to cultural influences impacting operations at planning and strategic levels. In order to achieve these learning outcomes, this training is facilitated in class with Afghan Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).


Participants will:

  • acquire knowledge of how one's culture influences one's own values, beliefs and actions;
  • acquire knowledge of the concept of culture;
  • develop skills related to intercultural communication in Afghanistan;
  • acquire knowledge of Afghan culture;
  • develop skills related to relationship development in Afghanistan;
  • develop strategies to respond to intercultural challenges specific to the Afghan mission.

Who is this for?

Government of Canada employees going on mission or working with Afghanistan.

When and where?

This course is available on demand.

How can I register?

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Additional information

For more information, please communicate with the Centre at:

Telephone: 343-203-8400

Toll free (in Canada): 1-800-852-9211

Facsimile: 819-997-5409

Facsimile toll-free (in Canada): 1-877-723-1604


Participant Comments

“Real issues; field reality; context, history; feedback, and advice.”

“[Appreciated] mix of cross-cultural communication theory in/with Afghanistan knowledge.”

“Very good information on coping with stress and intercultural effectiveness. Lots of Experience!”

“[…] it was wonderful to have the perspective of a strong, educated […] Afghan.”

“[…] [the resource persons] were very knowledgeable of their country and their culture.”

Participants in an Intercultural Effectiveness – Afghanistan course in Gatineau, April & May 2010.