Reintegration Workshops for Personnel Returning from Missions in Fragile States


The challenges are as great upon return home as during an international assignment. It is critical for returning professionals to have an opportunity to assess the value of their experience in personal and professional terms and to share strategies on how to manage a smooth re-entry into their work and society. These workshops also provide an opportunity for organizations to learn lessons from returning personnel, to increase future program or mission effectiveness and to improve their operational framework.

This workshop is grounded in principles of adult learning. Experiential learning activities will encourage the participant to draw on their own experience, frame it in a new way, add layers of knowledge, and apply that learning in your their organization and personal life.


Participants will:

  • identify the major events during the overseas and home front experiences, raise awareness of challenges, and share coping strategies;
  • identify the changes (newly acquired knowledge, skills, attitudes, roles), identify what to keep and what to let go of and develop strategies to re-adapt;
  • decipher the re-entry experience so far and define strategies for effective re-adaptation;
  • identify personal and professional priorities and develop a Plan of Action for the next year;
  • review a model of culture and use decoding tools to analyze a difficult intercultural situation experienced in the field and raise awareness of the underlying cultural context; and
  • distinguish between satisfaction and effectiveness, identify areas of effectiveness and relative indicators and make recommendations for future missions in fragile states.

Who is this for?

Government of Canada employees returning from mission or working in a fragile state.

When and where?

This course is available on demand.

How can I register?

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Additional information

For more information, please communicate with the Centre at:

Telephone: 343-203-8400

Toll free (in Canada): 1-800-852-9211

Facsimile: 819-997-5409

Facsimile toll-free (in Canada): 1-877-723-1604


Participant Comments

“Finding out what other people are thinking and similarities in their experience.”

“It helped me greatly on returning from Kandahar. How to cope with changes, attitude, expectations, and self-discoveries.”

“A valuable and worthwhile event! […]”

Participants in Whole-of-Government Reintegration Retreats for personnel returning from Afghanistan in Gatineau, October & November 2010.
“I found the course to be very useful and validating.”

“Very relevant and enriching training, as much in terms of learning as in communication and understanding of the mission […].”

“This training is a “must” for people returning from mission.”

Participants in a Whole-of-Government Reintegration Retreat for personnel returning from Sudan in Gatineau, November 2009.