Intercultural Facilitation & Organizational Development


The success and sustainability of international programs, projects and missions — whether in international development, diplomacy, international business or peace operations — depends on the effectiveness of the collaborations that support them.

This is why the Centre for Intercultural Learning has developed a number of services designed to build shared understanding and commitment amongst diverse groups and individuals. The focus of all of these services is supporting the achievement of sustainable results.


The Centre has identified seven principles that contribute to the success of international collaborations. The Intercultural Facilitation and Organizational Development Unit offers a series of multi-stakeholder/multi-actor workshops based on these principles.

Essential to these workshops is the presence of an intercultural facilitator, as a neutral third party, who engages participants in dialogue on key issues vital to the success of their collaboration. This approach leads participants to develop a shared understanding of the mission, program or project, to become more committed to it and create new knowledge and solutions together.

The workshops are developed in conjunction with the Centre's clients and involve the key players of the mission, program or project at hand. They can address both what is needed in terms of effectiveness as well as the dynamics of collaboration.

In addition, the Centre's Intercultural Facilitation and Organizational Development Unit offers three courses for building program or project capacity in the field.