Multi-Stakeholder/Multi-Actor Workshops

Four types of workshops address the various needs of international programs or program/project teams seeking to improve the effectiveness of their collaboration.

These workshops are aimed at:

  • strengthening participants' engagement in the mission/program/project;
  • building the common ground necessary for making significant progress in the mission/program/project;
  • strengthening mission/program/project compatibility with the local context so as to ensure viability and sustainability in the long-term; and
  • improving the effectiveness of interculturally diverse teams (for Canadian missions overseas).

These four workshop types follow the steps in the project/program cycle:

Description below

  1. Rapid Appraisal / Stakeholder Exchange
  2. Program or Project Start-up
  3. Performance Support
  4. Progress Assessment Lessons Learned

NB: Each of the workshops and courses indicated below can be adapted to suit a program-based approach.