Progress Assessment / Lessons Learned Workshop


This workshop has several potential uses, the first being when the various partners in the collaboration need to look back on progress made, reflect on on-going advances and monitor performance. The second use is as a means of wrapping up a program or project due to end.

This workshop comprises a participatory and qualitative assessment on the progress made that complements more formal monitoring and reporting processes. The process of gathering key stakeholders' perspectives reveals the full scope of achievement and allows partners to engage in dialogue on both challenges and successes. Key learnings are identified and will often have strong implications for remedial actions, for sustainable results, or for future programming.

As part of a reflection or wrap-up process, a progress assessment / lessons learned workshop enables partners to take stock of what has been achieved and helps ensure the sustainability of results. Over two or three days, partners identify and recognize the key achievements and learning within the framework of the program or project. In some cases, partners will also have the opportunity to develop and agree upon strategies for wrap-up, continuity or replication.


  • Strengthen the knowledge base for effective program/project delivery in a particular sector;
  • Identify with stakeholders the progress, accomplishments and lessons learned during the program/project;
  • Explore strategies to ensure the sustainability of the program/project's results; and
  • Contribute to the assessment, monitoring and reporting process.

Who is this for?

International Programs, projects, missions or events involving multi-stakeholder collaboration.

When and where?

Workshops may be held at any time during an international collaboration. Workshops must bring together the partners involved and will be held where the greatest number of key players can meet, either in Canada or, more often, abroad.

How can I register?

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Additional information

For more information, please communicate with the Centre at:

Telephone: 343-203-8400

Toll free (in Canada): 1-800-852-9211

Facsimile: 819-997-5409

Facsimile toll-free (in Canada): 1-877-723-1604


Participant comments

"By identifying together what was achieved and what worked well and the challenges encountered, it allowed us to get a broader vision of the results and impacts of the project."

Participants in the Lessons Learned and Sustainability of Results Workshop of the Gas Technology Centre of Excellence project in Natal, Brazil, September 2004.(unofficial translation from Portuguese)