Program, Project or Mission Start-up Workshop


This workshop is held when the performance framework and expected outcomes of your program, project or mission are agreed upon, and the main features its implementation plan are known. At that point, for the program, project or mission to start up and progress effectively, it is vital that the key partners become involved and engaged. They must gain a shared understanding of the work, the implementation strategy and their respective roles and responsibilities.


  • Establish shared and clear expectations among the main actors and partners at the outset of a program, project or mission
  • Enable the various players to get to know each other better and become familiar with the management context and their respective roles and responsibilities
  • Establish trust, relationships, shared commitment and common ground
  • Build understanding of the main methods and tools to be used in program, project or mission delivery.

Who is this for?

Programs, projects, missions, or events involving intercultural and multi-stakeholder collaboration.

When and where?

Workshops may be held at any time during an international collaboration. Workshops must bring together the partners involved and will be held where the greatest number of key players can meet, either in Canada or, more often, abroad.

How can I register?

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Additional information

For more information, please communicate with the Centre at:

Telephone: 343-203-8400

Toll free (in Canada): 1-800-852-9211

Facsimile: 819-997-5409

Facsimile toll-free (in Canada): 1-877-723-1604


Participant comments

"The experience of the workshop's facilitator … was an essential component that enabled high-ranking government members to easily express their opinions and become engaged in a participatory workshop … It can be said, in hindsight, that investing this brief period (two days) in our long, complex project was a judicious and vital initiative."

Perry Trimper, Russia Program Director for Jacques Whitford Environment, after a workshop on the project with the Canadian and Russian project advisory committee, Sustainable Resource Development in the Komi Republic, Russia.

"The workshop's participatory techniques led to very lively discussions in a highly relaxed atmosphere. The workshop enabled collaborators to identify for themselves their expectations and discuss better strategies towards the project's objectives."

Representative of an African university participating in the Project Start-up Seminar, VISAF project (African Virtual University), Cotonou, Benin, September 2003.