Results-Based Management for the Intercultural and Multi-Stakeholder Context


In this course, participants will learn the fundamentals of RBM as a comprehensive approach and acquire a set of skills and tools to improve program/project design and management. This includes learning to design and plan according to RBM and establish a framework for monitoring progress and risks, reporting, and reviewing and adjusting plans.

These skills and tools enable practitioners to work effectively with the various partners, and build stakeholder participation and ownership of the development process and the results obtained.


Expected results for course participants:

  • Strengthened performance in achieving development results (Ultimate Outcome)
  • Improved organizational effectiveness in planning, implementing, reporting on, and adjusting programs/projects toward expected development results (Intermediate Outcome)
  • Strengthened operational capacity to implement the principles, concepts and tools of RBM (Immediate Outcome)
  • A coherent and enhanced understanding of planning, managing, monitoring programs/projects, and making adjustments based on results (Immediate Outcome)

Who is this for?

This course is intended for:

  • CIDA partners and implementing organizations directly involved in the design, implementation, and monitoring of CIDA-sponsored program/project
  • Those involved with implementing/coaching others in applying RBM in CIDA-sponsored programming

Please contact us to discuss course availability in French, English, and Spanish.

NB: The aim of the course in terms of level of proficiency to be acquired is “intermediate” (not introductory). The course aims at a comprehensive and operational proficiency rather than expert proficiency in all aspects of RBM.

When and where?

Courses may be held at any time during an international collaboration and must bring together the partners involved and will be held where the greatest number of key players can meet.

How can I register?

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Additional information

For more information, please communicate with the Centre at:

Telephone: 343-203-8400

Toll free (in Canada): 1-800-852-9211

Facsimile: 819-997-5409

Facsimile toll-free (in Canada): 1-877-723-1604


Participant comments

“Never had training in RBM before this and I appreciate this training. It has equipped me with new tools that I am going to use in my organization.”

“What I thought did not apply actually did apply and there were some clearer ways of doing things.”

“Very good course backed by documents, excellent facilitation approaches and movement towards application.”

“Working on examples as a group with help coming from the coach. Learning something new every day. Breaking away from tradition – instead the facilitators used creative ways to keep everyone focused… on the workshop outcomes.”

“The facilitators are super! It made the long process “short” and they are particular to detail. Helped me a great deal! The practical session helped me realize the practicality/feasibility of applying RBM.”

“Appreciative criticisms, intercultural skills; a shift from activity-based to result based learning.”

Participants in the RBM for the Intercultural and Multi-stakeholder Context Courses in Harare, Zimbabwe and Kampala, Uganda, October 2010.