Research and Evaluation

The Centre has long been regarded by its clients and partners as a place where innovation and quality converge. High value is placed on creating new knowledge and product development, and our courses and learning materials are rigorously tested, evaluated and refined on a continual basis.

The role of research and evaluation in the Centre is a critical one, as research contributes to the creation and sharing of new knowledge in the growing and evolving intercultural discipline and provides the data and information essential to develop and monitor strategic objectives. Moreover, evaluation results allow the Centre to articulate the benefits, costs and risks to our clients.

We are proud of our standing as an important and innovative player in the intercultural discipline, for practitioners and researchers alike. The Centre’s range of products and services includes research-based learning programs and tools to support Canada's international interests in Development, Diplomacy, Defence and Commerce. The Centre's research has been published in a number of journals, and we are frequently invited to present our work at international conferences and fora.

If interested in exploring partnership opportunities in research, please contact the Centre.