Export permits for cryptographic items

Cover Letter Template for Multidestination Permit

On Exporter Letterhead

Export Controls Division
Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada
125 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0G2

Re: Multidestination Permit Application

[Company name] is aware of the terms and conditions for the [name the applicable multidestination permit type] as summarized on Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada's website.

We recognize that the terms and conditions stated on an export permit constitute a binding obligation on the exporter and that they may differ from the summary provided. We agree that we will review and fully comply, for each export transaction, with those terms and conditions if an export permit is issued.

We confirm that the company has procedures in place to comply with the permit's terms and conditions, and with other obligations prescribed in the Export and Import Permits Act (and summarized on DFATD's website).

We recognize that failure to comply with the terms and conditions stated on an export permit may result in suspension or cancellation of that permit.


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