Message to Industry

Amendment to Notice to Importers Serial No. 838, (November 15, 2013): Chicken and Chicken Products (Items 96 to 104 on the Import Control List)

The purpose of this message is to inform you that Section 9.2 of the Notice to Importers Serial no. 838, dated November 15, 2013 (Notice 838) has been amended. 

Currently, Section 9.2 states that:

  • Processors considered to be related to foodservice companies are not normally eligible for an allocation under the non-ICL portion of the chicken TRQ.

Effective September 2, 2014, this policy has been amended, such that, processors considered to be related to foodservice companies may be eligible for an allocation under the non-ICL group as per the policy set out in Section 9.0 (Allocation to Processors of Chicken Products not on the Import Control List (non-ICL Group)) of Notice 838, subject to the following conditions:

  • That the applicant guarantee, in writing, that production of these products is for retail sale only;
  • That the applicant undertake to pay for an independent auditor, approved by the Department, to evaluate and certify that these products are, and will be, produced and sold for retail sale only; and
  • That the applicant undertake to have such evaluations done as often as quarterly, if so requested by the Department, and to bear all associated costs.

Please note that the chicken TRQ for 2014 was fully allocated in February 2014. Applicants that may be eligible under the amended policy may submit an application for an authorization to import chicken under the Import-to-Compete program for the production of non-ICL products for the remainder of the 2014 quota year. Applicants are invited to refer to the Chicken and Chicken Products - Supplemental Imports Notice to Importers 839 available on our website for information on the program requirements and application process.