Imports of pork into Canada are subject to controls under Canada’s Export and Import Permits Act (EIPA). Below you will find information on the administration of Canada's import controls on those commodities. In particular, the Notices to Importers detail the policies and practices of the Department and which products are covered.

Notices to Importers

2011-2012 Frozen Pork from the European Union:

Tariff Item: 0203.29.00
Quota Level (kg)
: A tariff rate quota level no longer applies.  Item 194 - pork from the European Union as specified in the Surtax Order has been removed from the Import Control List, and the European Union Surtax Order has been repealed.

For further information: Notice to Importers SER797 Item 194 - Frozen Pork, or contact Lynn Matthew at
613-944-1807,  email lynn.matthew@international.gc.ca.

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