B-26: Ice Cream and Other Edible Ice

I.C.L. Item No. 134

Ice cream and other edible ice, whether or not consisting cocoa, other than flavoured ice and ice sherbets, that are classified under tariff item No. 2105.00.91 or 2105.00.92 in the List of Tariff Provisions set out in the schedule to the Customs Tariff.

Unit of Measure: Kilogram (KGM)

Instructions: To identify the correct EIPA commodity code for entry on the permit application, first locate the correct description and corresponding code. Select the appropriate EIPA suffix depending on the allocation or supplemental authorization and append the suffix shown in that column to the code forming a 14 digit EIPA commodity code.

Harmonized System No.EIPA Suffix - WTOEIPA Suffix - CPTPPEIPA Suffix - CUSMAEIPA Suffix - IREPEIPA Suffix - SupplementalProduct Description
2105.00.91.0062016301280147015801Ice cream novelties
2105.00.91.0062026302280247025802Ice cream
2105.00.91.0062036303280347035803Other ice cream
2105.00.91.0062046304280447045804Ice milk novelties
2105.00.91.0062056305280547055805Ice milk
2105.00.91.0062066306280647065806Other ice milk
2105.00.91.0062076307280747075807Products manufactured mainly of ice cream or ice milk