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Softwood Lumber

Softwood Lumber Agreement Data Reconciliation Results
Volume Results, October 2006 - June 2007
Preliminary Value Results, July 2007 - September 2007

As part of the requirements of the 2006 Softwood Lumber Agreement (SLA) regarding information collection and exchange, Articles XV.6 and XV.8 of the SLA require Canada and the United States to reconcile aggregate Region-specific monthly data on the volume and value of exports from Canada to the United States of softwood lumber products.

The following table provides the aggregate volume information for the period October 2006 – June 2007 as compiled by the Government of Canada and approved by officials in both governments during the reconciliation process. These revised data reflect a substantial effort by officials in both governments to verify the accuracy of data already collected. The reconciliation process involved significant outreach efforts to the trade, which should improve the quality of the data provided to each government in future months.

These data may differ from other official trade statistics of Canada and the United States as they are based on definitions of value, product coverage and shipment date that are specific to the SLA.

The United States and Canada have agreed that the volume reconciliation process for October 2006 - June 2007 has been concluded successfully.

In reviewing preliminary value results, officials of both parties have compared a large percentage of transactions for the July to September 2007 quarter for Option A. Officials, when reviewing this sample, found that close to 100% of these transactions showed a variance of between 14 and 16 percent between the Canadian permit values and the US import values. For this period, the export charge for option A was 15%. This result implies that the variance is principally due to the reporting, as required, of the export charge on the US entry document. The SLA definition of the Canadian export price for permit values appropriately does not include the export charge while the U.S. definition of entry value does not allow importers to deduct the export charge.

Reconciliation on volume and value data for more recent months is currently under way.

Suzanne McKellips
Suzanne McKellips
Export and Import Controls Bureau
Government of Canada

John Melle
John Melle
Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade
Representative for North America
Government of the United States of America

Working Group on Data and Reconciliation - Results of October 2006 to June 2007


Region of Origin2006 - 102006 - 112006 - 12
Alberta 69,272,574 104,536,778 100,807,771
BC Coastal 55,013,813 63,366,670 57,389,326
BC Interior 496,791,577 717,589,093 670,453,493
Manitoba 7,015,154 9,660,368 9,741,144
Ontario 81,949,323 146,922,659 129,225,940
Quebec 113,087,797 163,387,449 172,695,607
Saskatchewan 3,790,862 9,191,713 10,722,153
Region of Origin2007 - 12007 - 22007 - 3
Alberta 115,212,771 92,814,204 147,622,209
BC Coastal 62,629,722 80,122,344 48,729,810
BC Interior 812,821,604 660,304,974 926,494,215
Manitoba 9,933,118 9,846,346 12,942,259
Ontario 136,382,644 139,013,796 154,425,083
Quebec 188,564,160 184,384,190 215,768,533
Saskatchewan 7,683,481 5,039,974 7,724,354
Region of Origin2007 - 42007 - 52007 - 6
Alberta 142,932,095 144,423,533 131,708,189
BC Coastal 80,842,599 67,228,841 82,653,275
BC Interior 931,125,700 875,191,045 786,763,620
Manitoba 13,383,381 12,064,403 12,237,672
Ontario 153,876,189 154,032,761 141,590,819
Quebec 205,618,553 214,886,181 185,692,855
Saskatchewan 7,010,189 8,838,523 6,816,020

As of April 21, 2008


  • Results are based on bilateral reconciliation work as required under the Softwood Lumber Agreement between members of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and the United States Customs and Border Protection
  • The reconciliation results have been signed and concurred with by Canadian and U.S. representatives of the Softwood Lumber Committee
  • The report is based on permitted shipments
  • The numbers are compiled based on conditions as set out in the SLA for region of origin

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