Export Import Controls System II (EICS-II)

The Trade and Export Controls Bureau of the Department of Global Affairs Canada is responsible for the administration of the Export and Import Permits Act (EIPA).  The Act authorizes the Government of Canada to:

  • control the import and export of certain goods as defined by various inter-governmental arrangements
  • control the export of natural resources and other goods for the purpose of ensuring both adequate supply and for the security of Canada
  • issue export and import permits for controlled goods

To satisfy this mandate, the Bureau relies on the GAC Export Import Controls System (EICS) and Export Controls On-Line (EXCOL) applications. The EICS and EXCOL systems applications are currently operating under technical risks of failure due to their dependence on outdated and non-supported software platforms. Both systems are classified as mission critical systems for the Department and the initiative for their renewal and improvement was identified as a Department priority. 

EICS will be replaced by a web-enabled platform called EICS-II. As for EXCOL, it is improved through a series of gradual updates.

Further information related to the development of the systems will be shared with clients as it becomes available.