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Government of Canada services and information in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Services and information provided to Canadians by the Embassy of Canada to Denmark, in Copenhagen.

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Adoption and surrogacy

Refer to International adoption.

Birth abroad

Refer to Birth abroad.

Citizenship services

Complete your citizenship application before presenting your documents in person.

Payment method

Pay your application fees online.

Details Fee (CAD) Fee (EUR)
Application for a Citizenship Certificate for adults and minors (Proof of Citizenship) 75.00 50.00
Application to Renounce Canadian Citizenship 100.00 65.00
Replacement / Update of proof of Canadian citizenship 75.00 50.00
Application for a Search of Citizenship Records 75.00 50.00

Marriage abroad

Refer to Marriage outside Canada.

Notarial services

Please note that the Embassy does not provide notarial services which could be provided by a local Danish solicitor or notary public. A limited number of notarial services are provided at the Consular Section of the Embassy of Canada to the Kingdom of Denmark. Please note that an appointment is required and we suggest you call us before visiting.

When requesting a notarial service by mail, please mark your envelope for the attention of the Consular Section (Notarial Services) and ensure that you provide us with your full name, address, a daytime telephone number and the relevant fee.

Services which we can provide if no alternative is available:

  • Make a certified copy of an original Canadian document
  • Witness a person’s signature on a document, such as an oath, affidavit or statutory declaration
  • Certifying the signatures of Danish officials’ “apostille” from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Authenticate certain Canadian documents
  • Issue a statement confirming that Canada does not provide certificates of no impediment to marriage

Services we cannot provide:

  • Apostilles
  • Perform marriages
  • Draw up documents on your behalf
  • Amend documents
  • Translate documents
  • Verify your identity
  • Sign as an “agent”

Payment method

Credit card accepted. Use the credit card authorization form.

Details Fee (CAD) Fee (EUR)
Administering an oath or receiving a statutory declaration or affirmation. The fee shown is per document. 50.00 35.00
Attesting any document bearing a signature (affidavit, declaration, affirmation, etc.). The fee shown is per document. 50.00 35.00
Authenticating (witnessing) a signature. The fee shown is per document. 50.00 35.00
Authenticating the signature and seal of a foreign authority. The fee shown is per document. 50.00 35.00
Certifying a true copy of a document. The fee shown is per copy. 20.00 15.00
Issuing a Statement in lieu of Certificate of Non-impediment to Marriage Abroad. The fee shown is a minimum, per document. 30.00 35.00

Passport services

Refer to our Service fees section to pay online before completing your passport application.

Present your documents in person.

Payment method

Pay online for all your passport services.

Details Fee (CAD) Fee (EUR)
10-year adult passport (age 16 or over) 260.00 170.00
5-year adult passport (age 16 or over) 190.00 125.00
5-year Child passport (0-15 years of age) 100.00 65.00
Additional fee for replacing a valid lost or stolen passport 45.00 30.00
Pay online

Pensions and retirement

Refer to Benefits for Canadians living abroad and Retiring abroad.

Studying abroad

Refer to Studying abroad and EduCanada.

Visa and immigration services

Refer to Travel documents – Visas. 

Permanent residents of Canada: Find out how to apply for a Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD).

Voting abroad

Refer to Voting in an election while outside Canada.

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