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Japanese driver’s licenses

In order to get a Japanese driver's license, you must first get an official Japanese translation of your Canadian driver's license. Request a translation from the Japan Automobile Federation.

In order for your Canadian license to be considered valid, you must have spent at least 3 months in Canada after your Canadian license was obtained. If your Canadian license was renewed within 3 months of your departure from Canada (or after your arrival in Japan), you will have to get record of your previous driving experience, including the initial date of issuance of your driver's license. You can get this from your provincial or territorial licensing office. This document will also have to be officially translated.

Once in Japan, the Metropolitan/Prefectural police driving license offices may also request additional documents. Contact your local Japanese office directly for more information.

Once translated, you must apply at a Metropolitan/Prefectural police licensing office. In Tokyo these offices are:

Find the locations of offices in your area by contacting your ward or city office.

Documents to submit

Note: You will be asked to take an eye-test at the licensing office.

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