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Consulate headed by an Honorary Consul in Sapporo (在札幌カナダ名誉領事館)

The consulate headed by an Honorary Consul in Sapporo (在札幌カナダ名誉領事館) provides limited consular services to Canadians visiting and living in Japan.

Please note that the Consulate cannot respond to inquiries related to Canadian immigration, permanent residency, visa application or entry requirement. Visit Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Appointments are mandatory

The office opens by appointment only on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 13:30 and 17:00. Visitors must make an appointment in advance at

Services and information

Notarial services

Have your documents certified and authenticated.

Office information


Big Palace Maruyama 2nd Floor, 26-1-3 Odori Nishi, Chuo-ku,Sapporo, Hokkaido 064-0820

Office closures

Date Holiday
2023-01-02 New Year’s Day (in lieu)
2023-01-03 Office closure
2023-01-05 Office closure
2023-01-17 Office closure
2023-01-19 Office closure
2023-02-07 Office closure
2023-02-13 National Foundation Day (in lieu)
2023-02-23 Office closure
2023-02-28 Office closure
2023-03-02 Office closure
2023-03-07 Office closure
2023-03-09 Office closure
2023-03-14 Office closure
2023-03-16 Office closure
2023-03-21 Spring Equinox
2023-03-28 Office closure
2023-03-30 Office closure
2023-04-04 Office closure
2023-04-06 Office closure
2023-04-07 Good Friday
2023-04-10 Easter Monday
2023-04-25 Office closure
2023-05-02 Office closure
2023-05-03 Constitution Memorial Day
2023-05-04 Greenery Da
2023-07-03 Canada Day (in lieu)
2023-07-18 Office closure
2023-08-11 Mountain Day
2023-08-15 Office closure
2023-08-17 Office closure
2023-09-14 Office closure
2023-09-19 Office closure
2023-09-21 Office closure
2023-09-29 National Truth and Reconciliation Day (in lieu)
2023-10-09 Sports Day / Thanksgiving
2023-11-03 Culture Day
2023-11-23 Office closure
2023-12-07 Office closure
2023-12-25 Christmas day
2023-12-26 Boxing Day
2023-12-28 Office closure
2024-01-01 New Year’s Day
2024-01-02 Office closure
2024-01-04 Office closure
2024-02-12 in lieu of National Foundation Day
2024-03-29 Good Friday
2024-04-01 Easter Monday
2024-05-03 Constitution Memorial Day
2024-05-06 In lieu of Children’s day
2024-07-01 Canada Day
2024-08-12 In lieu of Mountain Day
2024-09-02 Labour Thanksgiving Day
2024-09-30 National Truth and Reconciliation Day
2024-10-14 Sports Day / Thanksgiving
2024-11-04 in Lieu of Culture Day
2024-12-25 Christmas day
2024-12-26 Boxing Day
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