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Consulate of Canada to the Republic of Korea, in Busan

We provide services to Canadians visiting and living in the Republic of Korea.

Services and information

Adoption and surrogacy

Process to adopt a child internationally and bring them back to Canada.

Birth abroad

Register a child's birth abroad.

Marriage abroad

Requirements, documents and processes for getting married abroad.

Pensions and retirement

Information on pensions and retiring outside of Canada.

Same-sex marriage abroad

Country specific information on same-sex marriage.

Studying abroad

Information on education or research opportunities in foreign countries.

Voting abroad

Voting process for Canadians who live abroad.

Office information


c/o Dongsung Group, 2 Fl. 99 Sinsan-ro, Saha-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea, 49421

Office closures

These closures are subject to change in the event of a large-scale emergency. Emergency consular assistance for Canadians is always available 24/7.

Date Holiday
2024-02-09 Lunar New Year
2024-02-12 Lunar New Year
2024-03-01 Independence Movement Day
2024-04-10 National Assembly Election Day
2024-04-11 Temporary Holiday
2024-04-12 Temporary Holiday
2024-05-01 May Day
2024-05-06 Children’s Day
2024-05-15 Buddha's Birthday
2024-06-06 Memorial Day
2024-08-01 Summer Holiday
2024-08-02 Summer Holiday
2024-08-05 Summer Holiday
2024-08-06 Summer Holiday
2024-08-15 National Liberation Day
2024-09-16 Chu-Seok
2024-09-17 Chu-Seok
2024-09-18 Chu-Seok
2024-10-03 National Foundation Day
2024-10-09 Hangul Proclamation Day
2024-12-25 Year-end Holiday
2024-12-26 Year-end Holiday
2024-12-27 Year-end Holiday
2024-12-30 Year-end Holiday
2024-12-31 Year-end Holiday
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