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Arif Keshani, High Commissioner for Canada in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Arif Keshani, High Commissioner for Canada in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago


It is an honour to represent Canada as High Commissioner to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Our two countries share longstanding relations, based on deep people-to-people ties, mutual economic interests and common values, such as a commitment to democracy, human rights, respect for diversity and the rule of law.

Trinidad and Tobago is Canada’s largest merchandise trading partner in CARICOM, and 98% of all exports from Trinidad and Tobago enter Canada tariff free. You also don’t have to look far to see evidence of Canada’s commercial presence, as prominent Canadian companies are household names in Trinidad and Tobago.

The strong ties and friendship between our two countries are woven together through a shared vision for a world that is safe, respectful of the environment, ensures equality among all peoples and guarantees the protection of vulnerable groups. There is also a large diaspora of Trinbagonians in Canada and Canadians in Trinidad and Tobago. The number of students that continue to choose Canada to pursue higher education continues to grow and I’m sure so will the connections between our two countries.

During my tenure as Canada’s High Commissioner in Trinidad and Tobago, I am committed to working with interlocutors to advance our partnerships, building on already solid foundations of shared values, priorities and friendship.

You can stay up to date with activities at the High Commission by following us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. I also encourage Canadian citizens residing or visiting to add your name to our Registration of Canadians Abroad system, which will help us reach you in an emergency.

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