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Canada-Turkey relations

Canada’s areas of action

Bilateral relationship

Canada and Turkey have longstanding diplomatic relations. In 1944, Turkey opened an Embassy in Ottawa and in 1947, Canada appointed its first Ambassador to Turkey. In recent years, as friends and allies, Canada and Turkey have expanded the depth and variety of their bilateral links as valued political, commercial, strategic, and security partners. Canada welcomes a vibrant Turkish diaspora community of over 65,000, the majority of whom are concentrated in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Hamilton, Calgary and Edmonton.

Trade relationship

Turkey is an emerging market of broad interest to Canada. It is also a priority market in the Government of Canada’s strategies for international education, and for infrastructure. In 2018, Canada-Turkey bilateral merchandise trade was $3.7 billion. Niche opportunities exist for Canadian investors, particularly in the energy, information and communication technologies, mining, education and infrastructure sectors. Commercial opportunities in Turkey match well with Canadian supply capabilities. In June 2019, Canada and Turkey signed a Memorandum of Understanding establishing a Joint Economic and Trade Committee, with a view to holding annual meetings between Canadian and Turkish officials and businesses to expand bilateral trade and investment opportunities.

Trade and investment agreements

Trade and investment agreements involving Canada and Turkey:

For more information, consult trade and investment agreements.


Turkey and Canada's Armed Forces have enjoyed a longstanding cooperation. They are both committed to defending democratic values and global security within the framework of international law and global security. Both military forces are excellent partners in the multilateral sphere and work together well within NATO.


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