Sean Cornelissen, Special Projects and Research Officer

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Sean Cornelissen joined the Office of the CSR Counsellor in June 2016 as a research officer. Prior to joining the office, Mr. Cornelissen was the project manager for an international development NGO in rural Peru. While in that position he was responsible for designing and monitoring development projects, liaising with public offices, and coordinating with community leaders. He has conducted research for political and academic offices pertaining to mining economics, international development and foreign affairs. He has been involved in non-profit, academic and private sector activities in Peru, El Salvador and Mexico.

Sean graduated with a Master’s of Political Economy degree and a bachelor's degree in Political Science: International Relations, both from Carleton University. He wrote his master’s thesis on Canadian mining production in Mexico and its effect on Mexico’s economic development. This research provided Mr. Cornelissen with an in-depth understanding of how the mining industry impacts local and national economies, and how mining companies are involved in development processes. He is fluent in English and Spanish and has a working proficiency in French.