Historical Project Data Set

These data sets provide statistics on Global Affairs Canada's development work in a simple, database-friendly format. While they do not replace official reports such as the Statistical Report on International Assistance, they make it easier to break down assistance expenditures and examine the information from different points of view. For example, users can download the data sets, and import them to their favourite analysis software to create dynamic tables and charts.

The information is detailed by country, sector, type of project, and partner organization. It also contains useful details about the specific characteristics of assistance projects, such as the tying status, the general policy objectives, and the type of modality used to deliver the assistance. While some of this information is also contained in the Statistical Report, there are important distinctions between the data sets and the Statistical Report:

  • Since 2016/17, the data sets cover all of Canada’s international assistance, as presented in the Statistical Report. Prior to this period, the data only includes assistance expenditures related to the former CIDA and, as of 2013/14, the former DFAIT.
  • The methodology used to estimate the country/region and sector allocation for certain types of assistance (for example, long-term institutional support to multilateral organizations) differs from the one used in the Statistical Report and DAC statistics (refer to notes 1 and 2 in the data field definitions). As a result, figures may differ prior to 2016/2017.
  • Preliminary data only includes details available at the time of upload and will change as new information becomes available. For example, the breakdown of multilateral assistance by country and sector is generally only available for the final publication, while some data may be added prior to this following data review and/or consultations.

Data is updated on a regular basis and the date is provided in the individual data set. 

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