Office of the Chief Economist

The Office of the Chief Economist reports and advises on international trade and economic issues, including global, regional and sectoral trends and developments; and undertakes trade and economic research and analysis in support of Global Affairs Canada's various functions: trade and investment policy, including negotiation of international agreements; international business development; and trade litigation.

Canada's Trade Facts

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Roles and Responsibilities

  • Undertaking economic analysis and research regarding Canada's international trade in support of Global Affairs Canada's priority commercial policies and activities. Current areas of research include global value chains and the impact of trade commissioner services on exporter performance. The office also supports trade negotiators by carrying out impact analyses of potential free trade agreements (e.g. the Canada-EU study). Projects are generally client-based, responding to requests from client divisions within Global Affairs Canada.
  • Producing publications, presentations and analytical papers on Canadian and international economic issues and trends. Regular publications include the annual State of Trade and Trade Policy Review, and the Monthly Trade Report.

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