Trade Investment and Economic Statistics

Canada's Trade Facts

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Trade and Economic Indicators

Data on key indicators of the Canadian Economy.



Balance of Payments (BoP)

Transactions between Canada and its main trading partners, including imports and exports of goods and services, direct investment inflows and outflows, and the current account balance.

Canada with the World

Canada with the United States

Canada with Japan

Canada with the United Kingdom

Canada with other European Union countries

Canada with Other OECD Countries

Canada with Other Countries 

Goods Trade on Balance of Payments (BoP) Basis

Services Trade

Services Trade for Principal Partners (2015-2019)

The tables offered here provide annual data on Service exports and imports between Canada with its principal partners by compiling data from Statistics Canada’s dataset 36-10-0024-01 (previously CANSIM 376-0111) on a quarterly basis. In so doing, we can now report on the latest complete-year totals in early March rather than in October when the annual data are made available by Statistics Canada for a wider selection of Canada’s partners. This new product complements data on Services also found on web pages maintained by the Office of the Chief Economist.

Total Canadian Trade in Services by Country (and Ranking)

Annual International Trade in Services by Country

Canada's Trade in Services by Country/Region and Category

Foreign Affiliate Trade Statistics (FATS)

Merchandise Trade

Annual statistics on merchandise imports and exports, by country and commodity, recorded on a customs basis.

Foreign Direct Investment Statistics

Data on stocks of Canadian direct investment abroad and foreign direct investment to Canada by country and sectors for selected countries