About us

International education promotion

The International Education Division seeks to enhance Canada’s profile abroad and attract international students to Canadian education institutions (universities, colleges, language schools, elementary and secondary schools) by:

  • promoting Canada as a study destination or education partner to international audiences;
  • facilitating relations and services between the federal government, provinces, NGOs and Canadian missions abroad in education promotion; and
  • coordinating education promotion efforts by Canadian missions abroad.

Education trade commissioners are located in most Canadian embassies and consulates abroad to assist Canadian public and private educational institutions, provinces or associations interested in recruiting international students. You can also access the Education section of The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service website for market intelligence and upcoming international education events.

International scholarships

Global Affairs Canada is responsible for the Government of Canada's participation in major international scholarship opportunities for Canadians and non-Canadians. Through the International Scholarships Program, Global Affairs Canada provides support to international scholars in Canada, which is often reciprocated by foreign governments to support Canadian scholars in their countries.

The International Scholarship Program distributes approximately CAD 6.4 million annually in scholarships to foreign students who wish to study in Canada. The Program offers a wide range of scholarships, programs and funding opportunities, totaling close to 800 annually.

As part of the Policy, Partnerships and Mobility Unit within the International Education Division of Global Affairs Canada, International Scholarships is involved in developing the agreements and memorandums of understanding which serve as the framework for the scholarships, fellowships and awards offered.

Many components of the International Scholarships Program are administered by the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE). CBIE is a national bilingual not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of Canada’s international relations through international education and the free movement of ideas and learners across national boundaries.

Bilateral and multilateral relations in international education

The International Education Division works to enhance and promote the internationalization of higher education in Canada. It coordinates international Canadian activities relating to higher education in cooperation with the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC), other federal departments and non-governmental organizations.

It coordinates and conducts studies and analyses of issues connected to international cooperation in higher education, relating them to the department’s priorities. It also coordinates the process leading to the signing and ratification of agreements and international conventions on education-related issues and ensures that Canada complies with the obligations it has assumed through such agreements.