Notification – Canada Course for Education Agents

We are pleased to note that Languages Canada and the Canadian Association of Public Schools – International (CAPS-I) have agreed to provide a replacement Canada Course for Education Agents (Canada Course), in collaboration with the Canadian Consortium for International Education (CCIE) and ICEF.

The replacement Canada Course will help further professional standards in education advising. Global Affairs Canada wishes them all the best in pursuing this endeavour and trusts that they will continue to support education agents by ensuring continuity in the provision of better knowledge, broader resources, commitment to excellence, and a sound understanding of the systems of education in Canada.

Please note that, as of February 1, 2017, Global Affairs Canada will no longer be involved in any way with the Canada Course for Education Agents.

For additional information, please visit Canada Course for Education Agents. Disclaimer - This link will lead you to a website that is not managed by the Government of Canada.

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) will continue to provide services to its Canadian clients. Tools and resources to help Canadian educational institutions and associations access information on events, market intelligence and other key documents may also be accessed through this TCS website. To learn more about the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service and its activities in international education, along with resources for international students, please visit: International Education, International Students, International Scholarships.