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Q: I want to go to Country X for an event/international business development/to recruit students. Can Global Affairs Canada give me funding for my trip?

A: Global Affairs Canada does not have funding for individual companies wishing to travel abroad on business, including recruitment visits. For specific events, there is a program to provide exposure for outstanding Canadian achievements in the arts and scholarship which do not meet the eligibility criteria of other existing programs. Applications from all cultural, social or academic sectors are entertained, with priority accorded to the promotion of Canadian Studies abroad. For more information visit the Global Affairs Canada website.

For activities by an association of companies planning international trips of their members for business purposes, the Global Opportunities for Associations (formerly the Program for Export Market Development) provides financial support to Canadian national sectoral associations for the generic export promotion of their industry's products or services. Eligible activities must relate to the improvement of market access or the development of market intelligence. In addition, activities must be for the benefit of the association's entire industry; members and non-members alike. See the for more details visit Global Opportunities for Associations.

Q: Whom can I contact at the Embassy in Country X for assistance in my international work? How can they help me?

A: You can find a list of all Canadian Missions abroad on the Global Affairs Canada Embassies and consulates page, with access to country information and the Mission websites, including contact information. Education Officers at our Missions abroad can assist Canadian education stakeholders with information about the local market, key contacts and local companies, as well as advice about visits. Services do not include hotel reservations, translation/interpretation services, or transportation during visits.

Q: In order to better focus my institution's efforts abroad, I need market information, including statistics regarding international students coming to Canada. Where can I access this information?

A: Global Affairs Canada is working in cooperation with Citizenship and Immigration Canada and education associations to improve the gathering and dissemination of statistics. Market reports are currently in development for a variety of countries, and will be made available to Canadian industry stakeholders as part of upcoming improvements in communication planned by Global Affairs Canada.