Economic Impact of International Education in Canada – 2016 Update

Appendix 3 - Scenario Analysis: Assuming Higher Student Expenditure

In this appendix, we provide an alternate assessment of how total expenditure will change for a different scenario in which we assume that international students studying in Canada spend on average 10% more than what we have described in the base run in the main part of the report.

Under these conditions, total annual student expenditure would become $12.509 billion, an increase of 10%. Direct, combined direct and indirect, as well as total economic impacts (direct, indirect and induced) are summarized in the table below.

Table 21 - Scenario II: Direct, Direct and Indirect Combined, and Total (Direct, Indirect and Induced) Economic Impacts of International Students Assuming 10% Higher Annual Student Expenditure, Canada, 2014
Direct ImpactsDirect and Indirect ImpactsDirect, Indirect & Induced Impacts
Annual Student Expenditure$12.509bn
Labour Income$4.412bn$6.142bn$7.532bn
Jobs - FTE81,900114,500142,320
Jobs (incl. f/t, p/t, temporary)98,865134,950167,930
Indirect Taxes - Federal$200.8m366.7m
Indirect Taxes - Provincial$533.6m$865.8m
Indirect Taxes - Municipal$502.2m$662.8m
Indirect Taxes - Overall$1.237bn$1.895bn
Personal Income Taxes$1.068bn$1.311bn