Brochure: The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement is a big deal for Canadian companies

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What is CETA?

A progressive trade agreement for a strong middle class.

Canada and the European Union (EU) have common views, common values, similar perspectives on the role of government in society, and the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) has the potential to bring us even closer together. CETA brings real benefits to Canadians. Free and open trade permits the exchange of goods, services, technologies and ideas, which are key elements of a prosperous open society.

CETA is creating jobs, strengthening economic relations and boosting Canada’s trade with the world’s second-largest market. CETA sets new standards for trade in goods and services, non-tariff barriers, investment, government procurement, as well as in areas like labour and the environment. It is a progressive free trade agreement that covers virtually all sectors and aspects of Canada-EU trade in order to eliminate or reduce barriers.

CETA marks the beginning of a new era in trade agreements in which transparency and openness are at the centre of what we do, and labour rights and environmental protection are key components. Free trade agreements like CETA also promote and protect cultural diversity and strengthen the middle class while helping to ensure that everyone can participate and benefit.

What does CETA mean for Canadian companies?

Export opportunities

Key sectors for Canadian exporters

Investment opportunities

CETA benefits

“Manitobah Mukluks is an Indigenous-owned company with the vision to build a global footwear brand that makes a significant impact in Indigenous communities. Free trade agreements like CETA ensure that we can compete in international markets, like we do in our own backyard, and increase our social impact as a result.”

Sean McCormick, Owner, Manitobah Mukluks

Eliminates most tariffs: With CETA, 98 percent of EU tariff lines are now duty-free for Canadian goods, and an additional one percent will be eliminated over a seven-year period. Tariff elimination provides enhanced export opportunities into the EU market for Canadian producers, processors, and manufacturers, as well as for agricultural and agri-food products, fish and seafood, forestry goods, and the full range of industrial goods.

Cuts red tape: Wherever possible, customs procedures have been made simple, effective, clear and predictable so as to reduce processing times at the border and make the movement of goods cheaper, faster and more efficient.

Reduces barriers to trade: CETA allows Canadian producers to have certain products tested and certified, for EU markets, right here in Canada. This reduces testing and certification costs and delays for manufacturers.

Provides access to public contracts at all levels: CETA expands and secures opportunities for Canadian firms to supply goods and services to all levels of the EU governments including the EU member state governments, regional and local governments and an array of entities operating in the utilities sectors.

Improves access for trade in services: CETA gives Canadian service providers the best market access the EU has ever granted.

Improves labour mobility: CETA makes it easier for certain skilled professionals and businesspeople to work temporarily in the EU and it establishes a streamlined process for the recognition of professional qualifications.

Promotes and protects investment: CETA gives investors greater certainty, stability and protection for their investments.

Thinking about exporting to the EU?

Across Canada, workers and businesses from a wide range of sectors can benefit from guaranteed preferential access to the world’s second largest economy and the second largest importing market for goods. The large and dynamic EU market offers tremendous opportunities and a real competitive edge for Canada.

“I’ve had an excellent experience interacting with the Trade Commissioner Service in Canada and abroad. Their professional and prompt service has helped Team Eagle access programs, such as CanExport, to grow our business reach.”

Paul Cudmore, General Manager and COO, Team Eagle

“Canada is a great brand in foreign markets. We have something unique to offer.”

Eli Gershkovitch, Owner, Steamworks Brewing Company

“CETA will enhance cooperation in the technology sector, it will allow us to bid and compete for contracts and to provide our services to EU clients as a Canadian company.”

Peter Sobotka, CEO of Corinex Communications Corp.

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