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CETA’s chapter on investment promotes cross-Atlantic investment by providing EU and Canadian investors greater certainty, stability, transparency and protection for their investments in each other’s territory.

CETA’s Investment Provisions

CETA encourages investment by limiting market access restrictions on investors. Canada and the EU may not restrict the ability of investors from the other Party to establish or expand in each other’s territory, including through restrictions on size, foreign participation/control, legal entity (e.g. requirement for a joint venture), or by linking establishment or expansion to performance requirements including those related to export, import or domestic content.

Non-Discriminatory Treatment

CETA ensures Canada and EU investors receive fair and non-discriminatory treatment. Canada and the EU must provide each other’s investors with treatment no less favourable than they provide to their own investors and any third country investor in like situations.

Investor Protections

Benefits and opportunities of CETA for EU investors

Increased Market Access – CETA will offer companies operating in Canada guaranteed preferential market access to both the EU and North American markets.

Why Invest in Canada?

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