Guide for celebrating International Development Week

So, you want to celebrate International Development Week (IDW)? There are many ways to do so! Whether it’s the first time you are organizing an event or you are an IDW expert, everyone can celebrate IDW in their own way. By organizing an activity, you can spread the word about the importance of international development, take action on development issues in your community and recognize Canadians near you who are making a difference in the world through their engagements in international development.


  • Spark a discussion in the classroom on an international development topic (e.g. gender equality, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, climate change).
  • Show a film that addresses a global issue.
  • Organize an essay contest on global issues.
  • Highlight thought-provoking books and novels, available in the school library, that touch on global issues.
  • Coordinate an international development fair and invite international development organizations to participate.
  • Host an international potluck and discuss global issues by distributing fact sheets on various topics.

Civil society and community organizations

  • Invite a guest speaker working in international development to give a presentation at work.
  • Host a market showcasing fair-trade products.
  • Share a list of thought-provoking books, novels and films on global issues.
  • Profile the stories of members or volunteers based on their international development experiences.
  • Highlight the stories of partners in the field.
  • Communicate the importance of Canada’s role in international development with a political representative.

Youth and post-secondary students

  • Start a group at your school or work to organize an IDW celebration.
  • Invite an international development expert to speak to a group you’re involved in.
  • Host a film screening on a global issue.
  • Coordinate an international development fair and invite international development organizations to participate.
  • Tell others about the significance of this week by writing an article, letter to the editor or blog post, or by sharing your thoughts on social media.
  • Profile stories from students who have participated in an internationaldevelopment experience.
  • Donate your time to a cause or an organization that supports international development.

1. Promote

  • Be sure to use our visual identity tools.
  • Use our official hashtag #IDW2019.
  • Add your public activities to the IDW calendar.

2. Participate

  • Participate in the #DevInspired campaign on social media
  • Check out other IDW calendars to find activities happening near you.
  • Take part in or organize an IDW event online or in your community.

3. Share success stories

  • Share stories, photos and videos of your IDW activities on social media and use the #IDW2019 hashtag.

4. Evaluate

  • Reflect on your activity’s successes and areas for improvement. Note lessons learned, which may guide you for years to come.
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