Diversifying Canada’s trade and investment opportunities

Canada has a broad and growing global trade network. With our Export Diversification Strategy, we intend to broaden our reach by achieving 50% more overseas exports by 2025.

With a total of 15 free trade agreements—including the CUSMACPTPP and CETA—with 49 countries, 36 foreign investment promotion and protection agreements (FIPAs) and many more negotiations in progress around the globe, there has never been a better time to diversify.

To achieve this goal, we need all ambitious Canadians to think globally. If you’re looking to export your products or services, contact the TCS today.

Trade Agreements

Source: Trade and Investment Agreements

Diversification is a national imperative.”

What is trade diversification?

Trade diversification is about securing more opportunities for Canadian exporters and investors to compete and succeed in thriving and fast growing global markets and sectors.

As a trading nation, Canada needs to add not just to its list of customers but also to its roster of innovative, hard-working, entrepreneurial and ambitious sellers. Canada must secure more markets while at the same mobilizing first-time exporters. Every Canadian with an ambition to sell their products or services overseas must have the confidence and capacity to realize their goals.

Canada will not stop until it is the hub of global trade and the world’s most connected, stable, predictable, innovative and in-demand market on earth.

Canada is building an unparalleled platform, putting the country at the centre of trading relationships with Europe, Asia and the entire hemisphere.

This is an important statement to the world about Canada’s openness and a unique value proposition to investors that none of Canada’s competitors can match.

How can Canada help you succeed?

A number of tools and resources are waiting for you.

Contact trade commissioners

Canadian trade commissioners are located in more than 160 cities worldwide, and can provide you with key business insights and access to an unbeatable network of international contacts.

Invest in Canada

Canada’s business-friendly environment is built on world-class cities that consistently rank as the best places to live, work and play.

Inclusive trade

Canada’s trade commissioners are committed to providing inclusive trade export programs and services for women, indigenous, LGBTQ2 and youth entrepreneurs.

Participate in a trade mission

Information on Canada’s trade missions and other international trade events for Canadian exporters.

Get funding and support for exporting into new markets

Get financial support, access co-development opportunities and pursue opportunities in new markets.

Canada Tariff Finder

Search for your product by keyword or harmonized system (HS) code. Find out what tariff rate you could claim when exporting to markets with which Canada has a free trade agreement.

There has never been a better time to diversify.”

Multilateral agreements

Canada’s ongoing trade negotiations

Canada continues to negotiate with growing markets in South America, such as the Pacific Alliance and the Mercosur bloc, to secure even more opportunities for Canadians. Canada is also continuing exploratory discussions with China and ASEAN countries.

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