Summary of the Evaluation of Coherence across Diplomacy, Trade and International Assistance in the Sub-Saharan Africa Branch (WGM)

Coherence is seen as an important contributor to increased effectiveness and improved results across Global Affairs Canada. This evaluation was the first in a series of planned evaluations assessing the coherence of diplomacy, trade, and international assistance at the branch level across the Department.  As such, it set the stage for exploring the value added of bringing the three business lines under one amalgamated department. Due to the lack of performance measures and indicators for coherence, the evaluation adopted an experimental approach using score cards for six key organizational elements that enable coherence: policy alignment, organizational structure, leadership, roles and responsibilities, communications, and systems and processes.

Key Findings

Key Considerations

Key Recommendations

It is recommended that the Sub-Saharan Africa Branch (WGM):

  1. Continue to reinforce Branch-wide expectations of cross-stream engagement, and communicate to all staff a shared vision of how these expectations are to be operationalized.
  2. Continue to plan and implement initiatives that foster and incentivize cross-stream learning and innovation across the Sub-Saharan Africa Branch.
  3. Collect results on joint efforts to better enable the identification of synergies achieved in the Branch and feed this into its Data Plan.
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