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Afghanistan is a deeply fragile and conflict-affected state. Ongoing conflict for over 35 years has had a destabilizing effect on social cohesion, exacerbating ethnic divisions and weakening government institutions and rule of law. Poverty is deep and widespread, and social indicators are still at very low levels.

Despite significant improvements since 2001, Afghan women still face huge challenges and violence against women is pervasive. Patriarchal society strictly controls the life of a vast majority of Afghan women. This results in restricted freedom of movement and limited access to education, health care, justice and employment.

Integrated into all Canadian programming in Afghanistan is a “Women’s and Girls’ Rights First” approach. Canada supports programming that:

Further, Canada supports the Government of Afghanistan in its efforts to eliminate all known landmines and other explosive remnants of war from Afghanistan by 2023. This is in line with its commitments under the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention. In addition, Canada supports needs-based, gender-responsive humanitarian action to help save lives , alleviate suffering and support the dignity of those affected by crises.

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