Results around the world – Colombia

Colombia is a growing middle-income country with a vibrant civil society, democratic governance, and a robust private sector. Colombia also faces significant poverty, inequality and challenges to peace and stability that the country is working hard to overcome.

Through development cooperation, humanitarian assistance, and peace and security initiatives, Canada has collaborated with Colombia for more than 40 years to help the most vulnerable.

Looking to the future, Canada is working with Colombia to consolidate peace, reduce poverty, and advance gender equality by leveraging new, innovative partnerships to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) together.

To achieve this partnership, Canada adopts an ecosystem approach. We collaborate with local government institutions and with civil society to advance creative solutions. We also work closely with private sector partners to bring more resources and attention to the challenges faced by the most vulnerable via innovation, shared ownership and co-creation. We listen to the voice of our beneficiaries.

With this approach, Canada is delivering our Feminist International Assistance Policy in Colombia with a focus on:

Examples of Key Results and Initiatives

Advancing gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls

Supporting access to quality education for at-risk populations

Building sustainable and inclusive economic growth and employment

Responding to the needs of Venezuelan migrants, refugees and host communities

Bolstering peace implementation in Colombia

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