Departmental Actions to respond to the Red Tape Reduction Commission’s Recommendations Report

The following three initiatives are Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Development Canada’s contribution to the ninety department-specific recommendations which were set out in the Red Tape Reduction Commission’s 2012 Recommendations Report. A complete list of those recommendations is available on the Reduce Red Tape web site.

Initiative 1:

Description: Two General Export Permits to reduce the impact of duplicative export controls requirements applied to certain nuclear and nuclear related dual-use goods and technology when exporting to certain destinations. Under these General Export Permits, an exporter is no longer required to obtain an individual export permit from the Department for specified items when exporting in conjunction with a valid export licence issued by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

Progress: On May 3, 2012, the Government of Canada concluded the regulatory process by issuing General Export Permit No. 43 - Nuclear Goods and Technology to Certain Destinations (GEP 43) and General Export Permit No. 44 - Nuclear-related Dual-use Goods and Technology to Certain Destinations (GEP 44) and cancelling General Export Permit No. 27 - Nuclear-Related Dual-Use Goods.

Initiative 2:

Description: The Department will continue to work towards the implementation of procedures to ensure annual updates to the Export Control List. Individuals/entities within the exporting community who export goods and technology that have been identified for decontrol in the various multilateral export regimes, but which have not yet been implemented in domestic legislation, will be able to benefit from the decontrols more quickly. With the decreased lapse in domestic implementation on internationally agreed upon decontrols, and the continued use of decontrol permits, these individuals/entities will no longer be required to submit individual export permit applications - and applicable reporting requirements - in order to access the global market.

Progress: Implementation of the 2013 Export Control List came into force on December 5, 2014. Implementation of the 2014 Export Control List is anticipated to be completed by December 2015.

Initiative 3:

Description: A new General Export Permit related to the export of certain lower-risk dual-use items to low-risk destinations. The Department will also utilize revised risk-management practices which will maintain Canada’s international security objectives and commitments, while providing greater flexibility to exporters, and expedited access to global markets.

Progress: On July 22nd, 2015, the Government of Canada concluded the regulatory process bringing into force General Export Permit No. 41 - Dual-use Goods and Technology to Certain Destinations.  The issuing of General Export Permit No. 41 also allowed the cancellation of out-of-date General Export Permit No. 29 - Eligible Industrial Goods and General Export Permit No. 30 — Certain Industrial Goods to Eligible Countries and Territories.

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