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Global Affairs - Minister of Foreign Affairs Ministerial Appointments

The Minister of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the appointments of Board and Committee members for these different entities. These entities perform a variety of different functions.

Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission

Under the international treaty, the Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission was charged to take the necessary measures to restore the Roosevelt home as closely as possible to its condition when it was occupied by President Roosevelt, and to administer, as a memorial, the Roosevelt Campobello International Park. The treaty specifies that the two countries share equally in the costs of development, operation, and maintenance of the Park.

The Commission has equal representation from Canada and the United-States and consists of six members and six alternate members.  There are three members appointed by the Governor in Council and three alternates appointed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

For more information on the Commission, visit the Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission website.

Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission opportunities

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