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Transforming Global Affairs Canada

Global Affairs Canada (GAC) is implementing a multi-year organizational transformation to ensure that it is well equipped to serve Canadians in meeting the global challenges of today and of the future.

Global Affairs Canada’s North Star statement

As a first step in this transformation, GAC has developed a North Star statement. It is a foundational element of GAC’s Transformation Implementation Plan (2023 to 2026), which aims to make GAC a fit-for-purpose, people-centred and high-performing organization in an ever-changing and complex world. It is part of the department’s commitment to being an employer of choice in Canada and abroad.

The statement reflects the department’s renewed mission, vision and values it strives to uphold and strengthen. It captures a vision for GAC’s organizational culture and sets out aspirations for a transformed department by outlining who we are, what we do and how we do it. It identifies the values, principles and behaviours that bind all employees, even in difficult times and evolving circumstances.


Global Affairs Canada works toward a more peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world by leading efforts to protect and advance Canada's interests in a complex global environment.

We are agile, open and connected with Canadians and international partners.
We strive for excellence through a culture of service, trust and inclusion.
We lead with courage, pride and empathy for each other.
We are a global team.
We are Canada in the world.

Transformation Implementation Plan (2023 to 2026) (September 2023)

Building on the recommendations made in the June 2023 Future of Diplomacy discussion paper, this evergreen, 3-year, rolling transformation plan lays out how GAC will transform itself to better deliver on its mandates in foreign affairs and consular support, trade and international assistance. Our implementation plan outlines an ambitious agenda focused on outcomes under the 5 following pillars:

  1. Our organizational culture: Strengthening our foundation
  2. Our people: Becoming an employer of choice in Canada and abroad
  3. Our global presence: Increasing our influence and engagement where it matters most
  4. Our policy: Leveraging our strengths to advance Canada’s national interests
  5. Our processes and tools: Building a high-performing organization

Future of Diplomacy: Transforming Global Affairs Canada discussion paper (June 2023)

Informed by over 80 consultations and 9,000 ideas and submissions, the June 2023 Future of Diplomacy discussion paper identified key action areas in the department’s internal organizational capacity and policy framework to transform the department.

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