Backgrounder - Canadian Participation in NATO Reassurance Measures

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has highlighted the continued importance of assuring the security of the alliance. As part of NATO’s response to these developments, Canada has deployed Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) units and personnel to Central and Eastern Europe to show solidarity and reinforce the alliance’s collective defence.

Reassurance Measures

  • Canada has suspended all planned bilateral activities between the CAF and the Russian military.
  • Canada has deployed six CF-18 fighter jets, along with 200 support staff, to Romania to train with NATO allies.
  • Canada has sent 20 CAF operational planners to NATO’s Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe in Casteau, Belgium, to reinforce planning functions and monitor events in the region.
  • HMCS Regina has been retasked to join Standing NATO Maritime Group One in the Eastern Mediterranean.
  • Members of the CAF participated in Operation Open Spirit in Latvia in May 2014, alongside military personnel from 13 other NATO and partner nations.
  • In May 2014, 50 Canadian soldiers were deployed to Poland to conduct training in airborne operations and infantry skills alongside Polish and U.S. allies.
  • In June 2014, a contingent of approximately 125 Canadian soldiers participated in Saber Strike 2014, a U.S.-led exercise in Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Lithuania.

Canada and NATO

Canada is a strong supporter of NATO and is committed to doing its part to support partner nations. The Canadian Armed Forces are committed to promoting global security and maintaining transatlantic partnerships by providing modern, deployable capabilities and highly trained personnel to allied efforts.

"NATO has truly been the cornerstone of Euro-Atlantic defence and has shaped the architecture of international security. It’s been the model of mutual cooperation, and it stands as the finest example of what can be achieved when nations work together and prioritize interoperable, deployable and flexible forces"

- Gen. Tom Lawson, Chief of the Defence Staff

Canada has been a major contributor to NATO operations and exercises since the alliance’s founding 65 years ago and is committed to transatlantic unity, security and stability. Canada continues to provide modern, deployable capabilities to allied missions and highly trained personnel to NATO’s command structure. In recent years, Canada has been an active participant in NATO-led missions in Afghanistan Kosovo (Kosovo Force) and Libya (Operation Unified Protector).

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