Colombian TariffU.S. Treatment in U.S.-Colombia TPA2004200520063-yr AvgShare of Cdn exports to Colombia* Share of Cdn exports to the World
Wheat15%Free immediate10860728022%2.50%
Newsprint & PaperFree for newsprint, 15% on other paperFree over 5 years6975896819%<1%
Machinery & Equipment0-20%Free immediate to free over 10 years3541574410%<1%
Off-Highway Dumpers


Free immediate145254408%22%
Pulses15% on lentils/pears; 60% on beansFree immediate for lentils/peas; TRQ for beans (free over 10 years)4032293410%4%
Potassic5%Free immediate152824226%1%
Copper Wire5%Free immediate131726193%2%
Barley15%Free (in 2009)18512123%3.50%
Various Plastic & Rubber5-20%Free immediate to free over 10 years1010893%<1%
Various Textiles5-20%Free immediate86462%<1%
Animal Blood (for animal feed)5%Free immediate114261%65%
Pork20%Free over 5 years23221%<1%
Beef5-80%Free immediate for prime grades; TRQ for other grades (free over 15 years)02011%<1%