Canada - Chile Free Trade Agreement

Technical Rectifications to CCFTA Rules of Origin Annexes and Regulations

The CCFTA Committee on Trade in Goods and Rules of Origin has the mandate to recommend rectifications to the rules of Origin annexes and regulations. The Committee agreed to technical rectifications to CCFTA Annex C-00-B (special provisions for textiles and apparel goods), Annex D-01 (product-specific rules of origin), Annex D-03.1 (the list of tariff provisions for automotive goods) and the Uniform Regulations for Chapter D (rules of origin regulations). It was formally agreed to rectify the relevant portions of the Annexes and Uniform Regulations in mid-December 2004 through the Exchange of Letters between Canada and Chile.

The technical rectifications are for the purposes of rectifying the tariff references for goods in Annex C-00-B, Annex D-01, Annex D-03.1 and the Uniform Regulations for Chapter D to take into account changes in the current tariff schedules of Canada and Chile. The changes to the references to tariff provisions in the current tariff schedule of each Party are the result of the Amendments to Nomenclature of the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (Harmonized System - an internationally developed and implemented system of tariff nomenclature upon which the Parties' tariff schedule are based) that came into effect on January 1, 2002. These technical rectifications are set out in the attached Appendices 1 through 4.

The technical rectifications do not constitute substantive changes to either the CCFTA annexes and the regulations or the Parties tariff laws; they are intended only for the purpose of clarificatipn and alignment with the changes to the Harmonized System and ensuring a uniform application of the regulations by both Parties.

Both Parties implemented the technical rectifications to the CCFTA rules of origin and regulations on January 1, 2005.