Multi-stakeholder Advisory Body on Responsible Business Conduct abroad


On January 17, 2018, Canada announced the creation of a multi-stakeholder Advisory Body on Responsible Business Conduct to advise government on the effective implementation and further development of its laws, policies and practices addressing business and human rights and responsible business conduct (RBC) for Canadian companies operating abroad in all sectors.

Canada recognizes the importance of a highly collaborative effort in advancing Canada’s approach to RBC globally. The aim is to ensure that Canada’s related policies and Canadian business operations abroad can foster inclusive economic growth and respect for human rights.


The Advisory Body includes members representing a diversity of viewpoints and expertise, including from civil society and industry, with practical experience working on RBC issues and reflective of the diversity of viewpoints in Canadian society.


The Advisory Body will meet a minimum of four times a year in person and virtually, as required, to further the work of the Advisory Body and its subcommittees. The first meeting of the Advisory Body took place on April 23, 2018.


The Advisory Body reports to the Minister of International Trade Diversification, providing advice on matters related to the RBC and human rights with respect to Canadian companies operating abroad, specifically to inform on potential regulatory, legislative, policy and guidance changes and implementation. Annual reports will be posted.

Canada’s approach to RBC abroad

For more information on Canada’s approach, please consult Responsible Business Conduct Abroad.