Trade in Services

This page outlines Canada's participation in services trade negotiations that provide the opportunity to expand our presence in world markets and increase the benefits that our citizens derive from trade and economic growth.

Canada and Trade in Services

The services sector is an important part of the Canadian economy - it employs approximately three Canadians in four. This section describes how trade in services is an important and growing contributor to the Canadian economy and the economies of most of our trading partners.

Agreements linked to Trade in Services

Trade in Services Agreement (TISA)

The TISA is a potential agreement that is being negotiated between 23 World Trade Organization members in order to advance the liberalization of trade in services while the Doha Round is at an impasse.

Bilateral & Regional Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)

Services are an important and growing part of the Canadian economy. Although Canada is already a significant services exporter in several sectors, it has much potential to grow. Therefore, trade in services is often included in the Free Trade Agreements negotiated by the Canadian government in order to provide more market access and legal stability, and therefore helping Canadian companies to expend and sell their services in new markets. The chapters that refer to trade in services in Canadian FTAs are: Cross-Border Trade in Services, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Temporary Entry for Business Persons, and Electronic Commerce.

WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)

Information for Developing Country Services Suppliers

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