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Key dates and export quantities 2022-2023:
BTQs for dairy export thresholds

Find out about key dates and below-threshold quantities (BTQs) for Canada’s export thresholds for skim milk powder (SMP), milk protein concentrate (MPC) and infant formula under the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA).

Dairy Export ThresholdsAllocation YearBTQ QuantityApplication Period OpensApplication DeadlineApplication Reference PeriodReturn DeadlinesAvailable Quantity
SMP and MPCAugust 1 to July 3135,845,040 kgMay 1June 15May 1 to April 30January 31
April 30
Infant FormulaAugust 1 to July 3140,965,760 kgMay 1June 15May 1 to April 30April 10
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