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Summary of key changes made to A Guide to Canada's Export Control List

Amendment of the Export Control List (January 2023)

Please note that this is a high-level summary of some of the more significant changes made in the January 2023 edition of A Guide to Canada's Export Control List (the Guide). Various other minor changes to the control texts were agreed upon during the relevant export control and non-proliferation regime meetings in 2022, though the majority of these clarifications did not affect the scope of the existing controls.

Exporters wishing to review specific changes that were made to the Guide should e-mail the Export Controls Policy Division at and request a pdf document that tracks all the changes that were made against the last version.


1-8.A.2.o.4 – New controls were added for rim-drive propulsion systems.

1-9.E.3.k – New controls were added for certain technology for gas turbine engines designed for supersonic aircraft.

7-13.1.d.19 to 7-13.1.d.22 – New controls were added for certain human and animal pathogens and toxins.


7-13.1.d.12. – Cholera toxin is no longer controlled

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