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What we heard? Consultations on Summary of Initial GBA+ for Canada-Mercosur FTA


On August 23, 2019, the Government of Canada published a summary of the initial gender-based analysis plus (GBA+) conducted on a potential free trade agreement (FTA) between Canada and the South American trading bloc of Mercosur in order to inform ongoing negotiations.

One of the objectives in publishing the summary was to seek feedback from Canadians and stakeholders. In addition to the Gazette Notice, ten social media posts were posted on X (Twitter), Facebook and LinkedIn between August and December, encouraging Canadians to read the report and share their views. Furthermore, a targeted email was sent on August 27 to 25 academics, experts, and leaders from women’s business organizations in Canada and around the world, to seek their views.  Stakeholders had until December 1, 2019, to provide their feedback. 

In total, the Government received six submissions from experts. The feedback acknowledged the value of Canada’s objective of conducting an ongoing impact assessment throughout the course of negotiations. Furthermore, submissions identified possible gaps and risks in the analysis, and provided suggestions on certain provisions which could be included in a Canada-Mercosur FTA in order to advance gender-related outcomes.

Questions posed in Summary

Based on the summary of the initial GBA+, what gaps do you see in the analysis and what risks does this pose?

What other provisions could be included in a Canada-Mercosur FTA in order to advance gender-related issues?

From your point of view, what are the effects and opportunities for under-represented groups in Canada of the proposed FTA with Mercosur?

Are there unintended negative effects of trade due to a Canada-Mercosur FTA on women or other groups that you would like to highlight? In your view, what can be done to promote further positive effects and what could be done to help mitigate negative effects?

What we heard in response to our questions

Gaps & risks


Next steps

Input provided by stakeholders/experts was shared with the lead negotiators and is being considered as we move forward in updating the GBA+ for Canada-Mercosur FTA and negotiating the agreement.  Once the agreement is concluded, a summary of the final GBA+ will be published, which will include information on how the input received was integrated in the agreement.

Your input is important to us.  Although the dedicated consultation period has concluded, the Government of Canada continues to engage with Canadians. Views on the GBA+ of the FTA negotiations with Mercosur can be sent to

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