CETA promotion tool kit

You will find in this tool kit a complete set of resources useful for sharing the benefits of CETA to Canadians. The package includes CETA benefits by regions and sectors, as well as key resources available to Canadian companies looking to take advantage of the Agreement.

Services and information

Background on the European Union

General overview of the EU, its economy, and the opportunities it represents for Canadian companies.

CETA benefits factsheets by province and region

Access detailed information on how your province, territory and district can benefit from CETA.

CETA benefits by sector

Find CETA-related opportunities in the EU detailed by sector.

Common questions and answers on CETA

Get the answer to your questions on the Agreement and how to take advantage of it.

Key online resources on CETA

This list of websites gives you more info on the Agreement and how Canadian companies can make the most of it.

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